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GlobalBoost-Y is rare, secure, and unique. We believe in scalable, decentralized, censorship-resistant, immutable blockchains.

GlobalBoost-Y - A CryptoCurrency To Help Wounded Veterans

POW yescript GPU, ASIC & FPGA resistant You can mine with your CPU We have a total coin supply of 21,000,000 with no premine. Block time is 10 minutes. The block reward changes. Mined blocks mature after 100 confirmations


Globalboost is a technology company based in Washington DC. Started by a combat wounded veteran, the company already offers a wide range of products.


There are multiple ways to send & receive BSTY, including our online wallet. In fact, every Twitter user already has the ability to send and receive the currency in seconds. You can use BSTY a vast array of internet connected devices.


Our algorithm is anything but CPU resistant meaning you will not be out-mined by people with expensive hardware.

Discover the New Digital Gold

GlobalBoost-Y is the result of some of the our military veterans, GlobalBoost® employees, contractors, and supporters that put our minds together to create a digital currency that will gain and hold value. We wanted more though, something more than a just a payment system. We wanted something that was rare, and valuable. We wanted a coin that is more secure, and resistant to the vulnerabilities of ASIC & GPU mining. We want Digital Gold.

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GlobalBoost-Y is

Download now our Wallet, Miners&Pools and Trade BSTY


Download Now the BSTY Wallet on the links below or take a look at Github for the wallet’s source code. Ensure that you always run the latest version.

Windows Mac Linux Electrum (PC) Bootstrap BSTY

Wallet Mobile

Electrum (ANDROID)


You can mine BSTY, you can find more in the ann

MiningPoolHub HashRefinery

Mining-Dutch Hostero Zergpool


You can mine BSTY, you can find more in the ann

Guide NeonMiner Android Windows Linux Raspberry Pi All Miners


You find BSTY for trade here.

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